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Perfection can only be achieved through the power of simplicity, a passion for the subject, a belief in excellence and lifelong dedication to the craft of bronze casting. Discover the exclusive collection from Mark Dedrie


Mark Dedrie, a prominent Belgian artist, can look back on a very impressive career as a bronze caster, which started in 1984. For more than 10 years, he created bronze statues with the highest degree of precision on behalf of many (international) artists. But the skill was in his blood and gave him an overpowering urge to create his own oeuvre. Gradually, carefully, step by step and initially rarely happy with the results, the artist emerged. Mark progressed from a debut with abstract pieces, through stylised human and animal figures, to exclusively animals since the year 2000, with a preference for birds.

In the richly varied bird kingdom, Mark is endlessly fascinated by the falcon that appeals most to the imagination, the gyrfalcon. The regal bearing, the all-seeing, laser-like eye, the speed and agility of this bird in free flight. All these elements provide endless inspiration for Mark’s powerful imagery.

“Only the best of materials are selected and only the very best in finishing is good enough for Mark’s discerning clientele”

“Only the best of materials are selected and only the very best in finishing is good enough for Mark’s discerning clientele”


Mark studies ‘his’ falcons in films and video clips, and visits their habitats to observe them in their natural environment. At some point, a specific posture, moment, emotion is ‘frozen’ in the artist’s mind. An image in all its simplicity and rigidity. The artist’s specific ‘signature’ starts with his fingers, which carefully model the chosen image in plastiline. The result is an unmistakable image, with already clearly defined details. This is followed by a wax model, which is sanded, filed and polished, step by step and time and again. It is precision work, the result of years of experience in refining to the point of perfection. Ultimately, the image is honed until the essence, the outline is completely accurate, from head to tail. Finally, the artist will ‘feel’ the model using his finger tips while closing his eyes, because without sight, he will detect the smallest of imperfections, which he can then correct. The wax gyrfalcon is now ready to be sent to the bronze foundry. Mark works in close cooperation with a world-famous artisanal art foundry, which produces work on behalf of international artists and designers. For more than 20 years, he has been using the services of the bronze foundry Art Casting to produce these outstanding creations.

International career

Birds have no boundaries… in the same way that the oeuvre of Mark Dedrie knows no limits. The artist operates at an international level, selling sculptures in the Netherlands, the UK, France, Switzerland and the Middle East. His work has been exhibited in various exceptional locations such as the Royal Botanical Gardens in London, the Weltvogelpark in Germany and theMohlmann museum in Appingedam, the Netherlands. In 2017, Mark became a member of the Society of Animal Artists. Members’ artwork sets new standards in terms of excellence in visual art. Mark Dedrie participated twice in the museum show ‘Art and the Animal’, in 2018 and 2019. In 2019, he exhibited his work at ‘Birds in Art’, the leading museum show involving bird art in the US. The museum was particularly enthusiastic about the sculpture submitted for the show and decided to buy it there and then to add it to its collection. Initially, however, it will go ‘on tour’ to four other museum shows in the US.

For four years, Mark has been quietly working on a very special selection of bronze falcons that are due to be exhibited at the Dubai 2020 World Expo.

Exclusive collection

Contemporary and timeless excellence

Mark created his first gyrfalcons for the Middle Eastern market back in 2007. They were an unqualified success. The artwork entitled ‘The Sky is the Limit’ is the primary image, the start of a collection of high-end sculptures. At the request of his eminent clients, it is now time to present this very exclusive collection in its entirety.

The sculptures are produced in runs of six. They can be personalised on demand and given a bespoke finish in line with the future owner’s wishes, or delivered in different formats – always within the limits of what is technically and aesthetically feasible.

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